ArcGIS Server Cloud Hosting and Map Cache Management

We get asked a lot about how our ArcGIS Server hosting solutions compare to those incorporating the Amazon EC2 service or other hosting options. Put simply, we have structured our program to save you time, save you money, and free up critical resources that otherwise get consumed trying to manage a system that goes beyond what you bargained for.

If you and your organization wish to leverage the power and performance of ArcGIS Server for your online maps and geospatial services without adding capital investment and increased resources to your IT infrastructure, ROK's managed private cloud hosting offers a solution that is affordable and convenient and backed up by over fifty years of combined GIS expertise and unparalleled hands-on technical support.  We know Esri, we know the cloud, we know ArcGIS Server, and most of all, we know how to make them work for you.

Our solutions are flexible.  We don't require you to use a specific framework - you can just publish a map service.  You can update your data as often as you like - solutions from simple FTP uploads to full geodatabase replication.  We understand the challenges of managing a ArcGIS Server along with maintaining today's stringent IT standards.  

Use our hosted ArcGIS Server solutions to enhance your ArcGIS Online presence and applications.  ArcGIS Online works best when used in conjunction with ArcGIS Server to provide the full range of service capabilities - you won't be limited to feature and tiled services.  

We provide a commitment to:

  • Save you time by managing all the processes required to configure and maintain your ArcGIS Server map services. You'll be free to focus on your core competencies and leave the technical challenges to us.
  • Save you money by charging only an affordable fixed cost that does not change month to month. Easy to budget, easy to calculate return on investment, easy to get started.
  • Save you resources by providing direct contact with GIS experts that you will come to call partners in achieving your goals and meeting your objectives.

Features/Benefits: ROK ArcGIS Hosting Amazon EC2 On Premise
Dedicated Private Cloud    
Hands-On Expert ArcGIS Support    ?
Fixed Monthly Cost    
Ability to Scale  ?
Dedicated Technical Contact 24/7    

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