Parcel Fabric Training


Update on training:  To make sure you are getting the most out of ArcGIS Server 10.1, we will be hosting a training in conjunction with Panda Consulting at the College of Charleston June 12-14.  Frank Conkling, of Panda Consulting, will be instructing the Parcel Fabric class.  This comprehensive three day training covers all aspects of the Parcel Fabric, including an intensive examination of the Parcel Fabric structure, the inter-dependencies of the sublayers, how the Parcel Fabric really works, what you need to do to make the transition and how to integrate the Parcel Fabric into your daily workflow.  The cost of the 3 day class is $1,200 per attendee. 

Who should attend:
Local government parcel editors, who may include GIS data technicians, mapping technicians, specialists, and anyone who needs to create and maintain parcel data will benefit from this course.

Contact us to find out more or to register for the Parcel Fabric training.

Client Feedback:  The parcel fabric training that my co-workers and I received was top-notch.   The instructor was very thoughtful in the way he delivered the information we needed to plan for, create, and maintain the fabric.  By the end of the training I felt confident that I had learned the skills necessary to implement the parcel fabric for our County Tax Map.  I am very pleased with the whole experience and highly recommend it.  Kevin Wiles, Anderson County, SC

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