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Esri Partners

Esri, based in Redlands, California, is the global leader in GIS modeling and mapping software.

It is recognized as the "Microsoft of the GIS industry". Its software is used by more than 350,000 organizations worldwide, including all 50 US state health departments, most forestry companies and more than 24,000 state and local governments.

Cutting edge GIS leadership has further strengthened the role of preferred Esri partners, such as ROK Technologies. The Esri ArcGIS® platform provides GIS professionals, Esri partners and their organizations a complete GIS solution that further integrates desktops, server as well as mobile and web applications. Cloud computing plays an increasingly critical role in how users get their work accomplished. Empower your enterprise by taking advantage of the powerful, scalable and ubiquitous nature of ROK's cloud infrastructure to collect, store, process and distribute geospatial content within the Esri ArcGIS® platform.

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