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How To Serve Your ArcGIS Server Cached Tiles To The Amazon S3 Service

Jason Harris - Tuesday, June 21, 2011
Recently, I did a presentation at SERUG on how you can serve your ArcGIS Server Tiled map services from the Amazon S3 service.  There are several ways to accomplish this....and I have blogged about this before.  But, I think this presentation gives a good overview of how to really do it.  Also included are some code samples for doing this with Flex and Javascript.  The Flex code is way better (because I'm a flex guy), but the javascript code should at least get you started.

If you have never thought about serving your cache this way - you should.  The speed at which you can deliver your cache can be, in most cases, dramatically increased.  I guess if you have a huge fat fiber pipe coming into your organization, you don't have to worry about it, but the vast majority of us could benefit from the huge amounts of bandwidth that S3 can give us.

Check out the presentation here: S3.zip

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