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The Cloud Evolution: Are you on board?

Yvonne Jones - Thursday, October 18, 2012

Cloud computing. A common term used here in the IT world but five years ago was a novelty for most of us. Cloud computing is changing the way companies do business. Can you and your company benefit from cloud services? The answer is absolutely. According to analytic data collected by Vertical-Cloud.com, by the end of 2013 small and medium-size businesses will have surpassed enterprises in cloud adoption with key verticals such as service, banking, education, and insurance.

The large appeal of cloud computing began with database storage. Cloud service allowed companies to move a bulk of their data and information to a cloud database, permitting them to free up internal server space and unload the costs of desktop programs. Companies were learning how to save money on operating and maintenance costs by using a cloud, thus freeing up their server for other potential revenue streams.

An important concern for most companies was and is security. Will their data be protected with cloud programs and will their client’s data be safe? Your systems are already as secure or insecure as they are and moving to the cloud doesn’t change that.  The worst case scenario is that a cloud service might expose how weak your system’s securities are. Luckily cloud services are equipped to provide extra security to better protect you and your data.

But what is next for cloud computing? Companies are now looking for ways to evolve and change their business by using the cloud. They are asking how to provide services and products via the cloud that will benefit their customers and improve the bottom line. How can Cloud Services change and improve your business?

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