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My Coldfusion 8 / ArcIMS/ ArcWeb hybrid site picked up by ESRI's ArcNEWS

Jason Harris - Tuesday, October 23, 2007

A site that I did a while back just got published in ESRI's ArcNews print magazine. ArcNews is a quarterly magazine dedicated to showcasing ESRI's GIS technology, software, user case studies, etc. They never give you a heads up when they publish these sites...so its always a nice surprise to see one get published. I developed the site with Coldfusion 7, but its now running on 8. I wish 8 was around when I did this one...I can think of a bunch of stuff I would have done differently.

The North Carolina Alternative Fuel Stations Map helps people in North Carolina locate stations offering alternative fuels, such as hydrogen, biodiesel, and ethanol. Visitors to the site can request information based on fuel type, proximity to an interstate highway, ZIP Code, and more.

Anyway, the site itself is a ArcIMS / ArcWEB services hybrid site. I use ArcWeb for much of the basemap data, and perform the spatial searches & locally using ArcIMS. I dont actually merge the images, but rather I create my ArcIMS images with a transparency and overlay them on the ArcWeb images. Also of note, ArcWeb services has released a Flex api, which looks pretty cool, which you can check out here. I plan to dig a bit deeper into that soon.

Jason Harris

ArcIMS - Arcweb Services Hybrid Site

Jason Harris - Friday, May 04, 2007

I did this site a while back and forgot to post it:

Centralina Clean Fuels Coalition

Its a site that helps people locate fuel stations that offer alternative fuels, like electric, hydrogen, biodiesel, etc. It does some cool buffer queries, like find all the Hydrogen stations within 25 miles of Interstate 95 or within 25 miles of just about any city in the state. But, the real cool thing is that it makes use of both ArcIMS and ArcWeb services.

This project really needed very detailed and accurate base map data like streets. But, the budget was pretty low...so purchasing those datasets was out of the question. The best solution to this problem was to use arcweb services. Lucky for me, consuming these services with SOAP in Coldfusion is about as easy as it gets. All I really had to do was to pass the response envelope generated by ArcIMS to Arcweb. That gave me a very nice, and accurate background image. I didnt mess with the MapFusionOptions object at all though. Instead, to combine the 2 output images, I just dropped the arcweb image behind the output image of ArcIMS on the page. I set the transcolor and background of the arcims image to white and it was as easy as that. Came out pretty good.

Jason Harris

Google Geocoding Service & Thoughts

Jason Harris - Friday, June 23, 2006

I must say, as a GIS developer that uses almost exclusivley ESRI products, the inital thoughts of the exposure of the Google Maps api were that of trepidation. However, after some time has passed, I think it has done nothing but good things for us ESRI folks. It has raised the spatial awareness of tons of IT folks that ESRI has been trying to reach for years. Now, it seems that they 'get it'. High end viewers and geoprocessing are what we do - and that simply cannot be done with google maps.

Now, I was very excited to see that Google has released a free geoding service. I have checked it out, and it looks fantastic. I can just hope that ESRI follows suit and makes the addressfinder a freebie.

Jason Harris

ArcWeb Services Examples

Jason Harris - Friday, August 26, 2005
Jeremey Bartley passed this blog along to me. Jeremey has been doing lots of work with Coldfusion and ArcWeb services. Anyway, this guy is the team lead for ArcWeb services at ESRI. Good stuff.

Jason Harris

ArcWeb Services Challenge

Jason Harris - Wednesday, April 27, 2005

ESRI announced a 'ArcWeb Services Challenge' , which I suppose is similar to all the ArcIMS and Rotemap challenges from a few years back (both of which we won, both times for ArcIMS and the only time that the Routemap challenge was offered).

Boy, we have a guy here at ROK who wrote an app that uses ArcWeb services AND ArcServer. Man, the ESRI marketing machine would wet their pants to get a hold of that app, believe me. Hopefully, with a little prodding, I can get him to post some info on his app...

Jason Harris

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