Virtual Workstations
Maximize your GIS potential without additional time and cost!

Virtual Workstations helps organizations of every size save money, increase productivity, and achieve faster processing speeds by providing a stable, cost effective, secure, cloud-based infrastructure for ArcGIS desktops, ArcGIS Pro, and 3D applications that can be accessed from any connected device.
ROK manages all hardware and software updates, service pack installations, and licensing, alleviating headaches for GIS teams and in-house IT departments.

What are Virtual Workstations and how can they help?

Top 3 Reasons Organizations are going Virtual

ROK Technologies is the only GIS Managed Cloud Service Provider recognized as an AWS AppStream Partner!

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Increase Productivity

With collaborative, interactive tools that streamline data collection, analysis, and distribution, plus a renewed focus on providing GIS services instead of maintaining the required infrastructure.

Improve your ROI

Save money on server purchases or hosting fees, hardware maintenance, and software updates, as well as IT resources and staff.

Process Faster

Achieve faster processing speeds, with Citrix XenApp integration. RAM and CPU-intensive GIS applications such as ArcMap load on a dedicated cloud machine with plenty of capacity and processing power.

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